Monique O'NeilComment


Monique O'NeilComment

Santorini – Greece

The most cost effective way for us to get to Santorini was to catch the ferry from Athens. We only booked our Europe trip a month in advance so prices were high being peak tourism times within Europe. We arrived from Croatia and stayed a night in Athens, I recommend trying to avoid this as much as possible unless you are wanting to spend a day or two exploring the city. The ferry departed really early in the morning and took us roughly 3-4 hours to reach Santorini  as you stop off at other islands on the way.

Arriving into Santorini was not what we had imagined and we were all a bit caught off guard. We exited the ferry at the port, which was at the very bottom of an immense cliff face. It's a narrow winding road upwards to reach the main areas of the island like, Thira and Oia - a must visit for the perfect sunset photos. 


MYKONOS – Greece

An island crawling with celebrities and millionaires, it was one not to be missed of our island hopping tour. Little Venice was the first place we explored and like every other Greek island we had visited, little pebbled stone lanes with blue and white buildings greeted us. This very busy area was full of dining options. I recommend going early and nabbing a spot seaside with a view of the famous windmills (Kato Milli). Hiring a quad bike for your time here is also helpful - there are lots of dedicated parking at most places around the island, nothing is close together either so having a handy option to get around that doesn't cost a fortune is a recommend. 

Planning your days in advance is essential on Mykonos. Beach clubs start fulling up early - this means around 11-12 because everyone always starts their days later over in Greece. Nightlife in the area is normally pumping within the summer months, club entry into some places are upwards of 40 euros, well worth it but most don't open/get busy until 2am. 


Places to visit



This was an island that none of us had picked to go to but was a part of our ferry ticket package that our travel agent had booked but we’re glad we went as Paros had some seriously unappreciated underrated hidden beauty.

The town we came into was very small and our taxi ride was only 4 minutes from the port, so everything was walking distance which was great for us. We got super lost walking into town as the local lanes just wind into one and appear to look the same, with the help of a local woman we made it to the main area and had some food. The meals in Greece where super generous sizing’s and full of flavor, plus you can’t beat pita bread and tzusiki. We wanted to do some sort of activity on the island that would allow us to see a lot in one day as we were only staying 2 nights and leaving early in the morning. We decided on a boat trip that took around the surrounding area, serving lunch and information.


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