Monique O'Neil


Monique O'Neil

Croatia was a country that gained a huge amount of recognition in 2017 therefore it seemed like a perfect place to start my European summer trip with friends. 


I travelled from Sydney, Australia with Emirates on their newly launched destination path - direct to Zagreb - I then connected on Croatia Airline which was a 45 minute flight. 

Getting from the airport into Split was roughly a 50 minute car ride - they have Uber here at a very reasonable price which made getting around places super easy. 


Our main base was located 10 minutes around the corner from the Port of Split. We found our accommodation on AirBnb and had a super lovely host.  

On our first day we headed down to the main port area and booked a tour to Krka National Park and a boat tour to the Blue Cave & Hvar. We then went and ate some lunch and explored the Old Town behind the port. Every alley you turned down there were new restaurants and shops to see. We were easily lost within the first 10 minutes. Bear in mind walking around can be extremely hot in this area during summer so don't forget to stay hydrated. 

After looking around the  town, we headed to the beach where we bought a cabana at Joe’s Beach Bar - this place can get especially busy. I would recommend getting there early to get a spot on the cheaper loungers if you aren't willing to splash out for a Cabana - which do come with two cocktails included. 



On our next day, we had booked a boat tour to take us to surrounding places in the Split area. The trip had seven stops including, blue lagoon, blue cave and Hvar to name a few. If we could redo this activity I think we would book a bigger boat as the weather changed suddenly towards the end of our trip, resulting in all of us covered in water and freezing cold. 



Only an hour and a half drive away from Split is a location that dreams are made of. Krka National Park is home to seven known waterfalls, the one we visited was most popular with tourists as swimming was permitted. To get there I would recommend taking a tour bus as this allows you to be driven down to the very bottom where the tracks  lead you to the waterfall. If you don't, you have a very long walk up a steep hill to the top of the car park again. The walk takes you along a wooden boardwalk, through swamp area, over rivers, waterfalls, and provides stunning views of the falls. 


Once you make it down the path to the base of the falls/lake you are confronted with a vast crowd of tourists from all over the world. There are many grassed areas to lay on while drying after your swim, as well as some food stalls and a restaurant. The only downside to this is that when you are swimming there are no storage areas to place your bags, luckily for us we met a lovely girl on our tour bus who stayed with us throughout our trip and she minded our things while we went swimming and we did the same for her. 


The water was deceivingly cold but we did go on a 36 degree day so none of us were complaining. The terrain in the water is quite surprising. There are large rock formations spread out  over the bottom, some that you could  walk onto and they would come up to your chest. Some of these are super slippery so proceed with caution. There is no easy way to get into the water, it's mostly eroded bank so you have to sit down, slide in and get a bit muddy as it's too steep to step straight into the water. But don't let that put you off. 



  • Dubrovnik
  • Krka National Park
  • Provincial Lakes
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Hvar
  • Blue Pool
  • Port of Split 



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